It’s the 22nd of Septmeber, what does that mean? Autumn is here! Yay! I wanted to start this incredible season off by sharing with you guys a poem that I wrote, Enjoy!



Autumn is one of my favourite seasons
Oh my word there’s plenty of reasons

Big cuddly coats and thick knitted scarfs
Cafes don’t to hot chocolates by halves

Sweet chocolate orange and tasty pumpkin spice
The seasonal hot drinks have never been so nice!

Toasted marshmallows and butternut soup
Hocuspocus pllaying all day on loop

Pavements disguised from all the leaves on the ground
Finding a corker that survives to the last round

Too cold for skirts but acceptable with tights
Icy dark mornings and darker early nights

Watching films by the fire having tea and long talks
Moaning about the ridiculously early guy forks

Worrying about Christmas with twelve weeks to go Stressing about the money but excited about the snow

Shops are filled with Halloween costumes on display
But they’re sold out of that sign that tells the kids to go away

The season that you’re not judged if you eat too much cake
Students counting down the days to half term break

Kids kicking leaves as the plants begin to freeze
Talking long walks in the cold autumn breeze

Before I talk forever, I better bring this to a close
I hope you’re stocking up on those war, winter clothes!

Now warm by the fire with some hot soup and a bun
I hope you’re Autumn is magical and fun

Filled with laughter, love and memories you make
It’s Autumn God dammit, smile and have some cake!

Love Kays X

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