So I woke up on Sunday morning to the wonderful smell of coffee and a plate of hot buttery toast being placed on the bed! What a lovely surprise! I was super happy and grateful, to which my fiancé then responded “enjoy and then get ready to go out because I’ve got a whole day of surprises planned for you”. What?! It was so out of the blue, my birthday is not for another week! What is this for? The wonderful fiancé that I have explained that he wanted to spend some quality time with me and make the most of the last weekend before university starts, how sweet!

I leaped out of bed after consuming my tasty toast and coffee, got myself ready with excitement and headed downstairs to which I was then whisked away to a beautiful picnic in the countryside! It was such a lovely day the weather was AMAZING which certainly made it just that extra bit perfect! We had a little walk around (only a short one because of my leg) and found a bench and set up, he’d packed all of my favourite things into a perfect picnic! Carrot cake, orange juice, strawberries, OH MY GOSH! It was delicious!


We sat in the sun for a while chatting, eating great food and playing connect four forgetting about the world around us for a few hours, it was perfect. And, of course, the day was a perfect opportunity to whip out my camera and take a few pictures for a blog post!


After the the picnic we headed back to the car and drove back to the house, on the way I expressed my gratitude for such a wonderful little trip and how thoughtful it was to do this for me, to which I was told it’s not over yet! We then headed off to the cinemas and watched Kubo & the two strings (it was absolutely amazing, definitely emotional). I was even treated to a large popcorn! Yummy!


We we then went back to the house for an hour or two before heading off to Pizza Hut for tea, I was enjoying myself so much I completely forgot to snap a photo (sorry), but regardless it was delicious! We then had the perfect end to a perfect day by getting home and into our PJs and having a lovely cup of tea! PERFECT!

I don’t know what I did to deserve such a special day dedicated to me, I feel so lucky and grateful for him to spend his time, effort and money on me and I couldn’t have thanked him enough! It’s so wonderful to take a day off sometimes and forget about everything else, quality time with loved ones is so important, not to mention so much fun!

It really was the perfect way to end the summer holidays before preparing for my first day of university on Monday! What did you do over the summer? Leave a comment with your favourite summer memory, I’d love to know!

Love Kays X


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