Although August is practically almost over, I still wanted to put together a July Favourites for you! Better late than never I suppose! I mentioned in my last favourites that I couldn’t believe how fast the time is going, and I think July has had to have been the quickest month of them all! I genuinely believe this has been the quickest hear of my life. But even though the time is whizzing by, there is always time to find new favourites! So what have I been loving this month?

Game Of Thrones Book

Like millions of others, I was massively addicted to the Game of Throne TV series, I’d always be waiting with anticipation for the next episode every Monday! So after hearing several times that the books are way better, I decided to give them a go, I purchased the first book on Amazon (for a brilliant price), and I was hooked from the first page! I was mind blown by all 806 pages! There are quite a few differences compared to the programme, but I liked them! It is the best fictional book I’ve read in a really long time. I cannot wait to purchase the second book. I’ve really gotten back into a habit of curling up in bed with a cup of tea and reading a book for an hour before I go to sleep, so expect to see other books in my future favourites!

Graze Sweet Popcorn

I’ve previously mentioned my teeny adoration for graze snacks! While recently I have began a health kick, I’ve been searching for a low calorie healthy snack that will curve my sweet cravings, and Graze Popcorn Bags have become my saviour! It’s so easy and quick to make and it satisfies my sweet tooth every time! Best of all, under 130 calories! “Sweet” flavour is my personal favourite but you can also chose from salty and black pepper! YUM!


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve began a little health kick, and i’ve been working hard these past few weeks to slim down a down and get back into tip top shape! I started going to Zumba classes with Leanne and I fell in love instantly! I became a member of the gym a few days later. Zumba is such a fun workout, it doesn’t feel like you are even at the gym! You just dance around and have so much fun sweating and shaking your bum! I’ve since tried quite a few other classes, including Boxercise, HiiT, Extreme Body Conidtioning, Circuit Training and Abs Blast! And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single one! I’m very new to Boxercise but it quickly became a new favourite class of mine too! I find myself looking forward to the gym especially when I know Zumba is one of the classes I’m taking that day, the fun factor has really helped me with getting back into my fitness, I’m slowly seeing results and I’m loving it!

Lemon Green Tea

I have been starting my mornings lately with a green tea with added lemon, besides the health benefits to green tea, I’m also actually enjoying the taste! The particular brand I have been loving is PG. I love how the bags come with a string attached so you can take them with you on the go, it’s also a little bit fancy!

Trying new recipes

Throughout July I’ve been exploring some new food recipes to help try and branch out what I eat each day instead of the same boring things. I absolutely love cooking and you’d be surprised how many recipes you can give a little nip and tuck to that’ll make them vegetarian or vegan! Healthy healthy healthy!

Baby Oil

It’s a bit of an odd thing to put in a favourites, but I got this idea from Tanya Burr’s YouTube channel. She actually mentioned it in her favourites, you apply it all over after a bath or shower whilst still wet and it makes your skin super duper fabulously soft! I just adore it – it’s a new addiction, I love the feel of my skin and its all thanks to such a simple and affordable product! Who needs expensive creams right?!

Wild Argan Oil

I’ve mentioned this product in one of my previous posts. And I’ve recently been using it on a regular basis, I love how it’s versatile and can be applied to your skin aswell as your hair, but particularly I’ve been spritzing a little onto the ends of my wet hair after washing and leaving it to dry naturally, it’s left my hair so soft and smelling so wonderful. I’ve been using it so much and there is still so much left! I just love it.

Playstation 4

My wonderful fiancé is a YouTuber, his channel is gaming based and recently I’ve been filming a few videos with him. I’ve had an absolute blast and Its a great way of getting involved and spending more time with him. We’ve filmed some outrageous videos, one of which involved forefits including biting into lemons & whipped cream in the face! Check that one out here.


If you are unfamiliar with what Cineworld is, it’s a cinema! I have a monthly membership which allows me to watch as many films as I like for just £16.90 per month! I love the process of preparing one of my healthy graze popcorn bags and heading off in the car with my Fiancé. I’ve been a member since January, but I’ve been REALLY enjoying July’s film releases! Particularly BFG, Jason Bourne, Me Before You & Finding Dory!

Despite the days flying by, I have really enjoyed July! I just wish we could have a little more sun this summer! What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Friday!

Love Kays X

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