We decided to make the most of our national trust memberships before everyone went off on their holidays, so we set off on an adventure to Little Moreton hall. It’s been quite a few years since I last went, so it still felt like a new place to me. We headed off in the car and arrived at the car park, feels like you’re almost stealing from them when you just get to walk through the doors and scan yourself in without paying, being a member is such a massive money saver! We walked through the doors and we were treated with a wonderful view of the countryside fields ahead, so much beauty in nature. There was a beautiful little shop outside, where they sold friendship globes and all kinds of homemade homeware items such as blankets and garden decor!

We then made our way onto the path which lead us to the house, the garden was humongous, such a wonderful place. The family who lived there must have had so much fun in the garden. Such beautiful views in every single direction. Perfect!

We made our way over the bridge and into the house, and decided to join the tour as it was almost about to start. We went into the cafe for a quick cup of tea before the tour began. Little did we know it was a restaurant and we actually didn’t have much time to finish the cup of tea. We also had a little bit of a panic thinking there was a mix up with the order and we may have ordered 4 pots of tea, we managed to sort that though. Reece was a little gutted having to leave his cup of tea behind as we headed to the talk. We were then given a little tour around some of the rooms and listened to a wonderful talk from the guide, he gave us a few facts about the home and family who lived there. It was given to the National Trust, and all they ever drank back then was Ale. Because the water was unclean, part of me is glad I was born in the 90s. Ale for breakfast? No thanks!

After the talk, we roamed the rest of the place ourselves and checked out what felt like the other million rooms there was there. Some of the windows and walls were marked by visitors who were there before, some were from centuries ago! The people who put in the individual windows in some rooms had marked their names too! Quite a lot of the rooms had cracks in the walls, floors or ceilings. And it was so strange that not a single wall or floor was even or straight, it was a task to not fall over.


We then met a wonderful woman who helped us make a lavendar bag to take home with us. We also discovered a dressing room with some of the clothes they would wear, we had a laugh and tried a few on. Although somehow I forgot to take pictures of that!

We finished the visit by having a wander in the gardens outside, such a beautiful garden, I couldn’t help but imagine my wedding here! The weather wasn’t the best otherwise we would have bought a picnic! Instead we finished the day by heading to tesco to grab a meal deal and some pizza to enjoy at home before heading off to bingo! Which unfortunately we didn’t win.


National Trust – http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/join-us?campid=PPC_Membership_Google_2015_GenericDD

Little Morton Hall – http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/little-moreton-hall

Love Kays X

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