There is something so satisfying about a well shaped , well groomed set of eyebrows, I think eyebrows can make a whole look, if you are ever in a rush to leave the house and you only have a second to do your make up, a bit of attention on the eyebrows and a slick of lip gloss can create a whole look without the rest of the face – in my opinion.

I went years without touching my eyebrows, I’m pretty sure I was the last one out of everyone I know to start paying attention to my eyebrows. I’m still pretty new to the ‘brow game’ (I don’t like that term), I’ve never had a professional brow shape or tint. I didn’t pluck my brows until I was 16 when dyed my hair dark red so I dyed them brown myself and realised how bushy they were, my mum plucked them for me and I was in so much pain I understood why some girls resort to shaving them (and looking rediculous – don’t do it!)

Now I wax them, and I just can’t do my make up without filling in my eyebrows, it’s like a second nature now. I’ve always loved the Avon brow kit for filling in my eyebrows, as the hairs are light blonde and it’s hard for me to find the right shade that doesn’t come out too dark or too orange! I purchased this brow set in the hope that I’d find a new kit I’d love, and boy did i! I’m so impressed with the colours, I purchased the ‘light medium’ kit, and the colour is just perfect for me!


I used a blend of all three shades on my brush, I have my own eyebrow brush that I use but I do love that the kit comes with a brush! It’s just too tiny for me to use and concentrate with! But if I’m on the go and don’t have my normal large eyebrow brush then this will be my saviour! I also adore how you get a mini pair of tweezers, perfect for getting the stray hairs. The kit comes with a mirror too which is amazing for on the go, and I always need a handheld mirror when I’m doing my eyebrows, because I like to be super close to make sure I’m filling them in well. The wax is to go over the top and to hold the colour in place all day, it definitely works! But the wax darkens the colour when I apply it, so I know to apply less to the eyebrow next time.

Overall, I love the product, it’s definitely a new favourite! And the shades great! Give it a go and see for yourself!

Love Kays X


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