College came to an end recently, and I was so pleased with my results, my boyfriend treated me to some make up that I had on my wish list for a while as sort of a well done. So I hopped onto the website and added some things to my basket.

I was super excited to finally receive them in the post, there are some amazing products there & I cannot wait to use all of them! Keep an eye out for reviews coming soon!

I have spent so much time admiring all of the amazing products, Recieving the package felt like christmas! Especially because it was a treat. The individual eyeshadow in the shade “frozen” is so beautiful, I love how pigmented it is! I feel like it may be a Christmas shade, or a night out shade. But I will definitely use it!

The lipstick has such beautiful packaging, I love the rose gold! However the lipstick itself is a little drying, I have to apply lip balm before and again over the top to make sure it doesn’t look and feel cracky. The focus and fix eye primer works so well with my eyeshadow, I was unsure about the colour when I opened the product but it looks wonderful on the eye! My eyeshadow stays on for so long! I don’t know why I never bought an eye primer before now!

The lipgloss tubes are great everyday shades, so I can have them on the go with me and wear them at any time! They seem quite similar but you can definitely tell the difference when they are on, I love the smell and the feel of them, it’s always a risk with lipgloss, as you never know if it’s going to be too sticky and never stay on, but these ones are perfect!

The blusher is super pigmented, and I love the size of it! Fits perfectly in my make up bag! I also Love the mascara! I’ve tried it already and it’s so nice! It really does curl my eyelashes – And it lasts all day!


Ive tried the amazing lipgloss range before in the shade ‘Clear’, so when this lipgloss arrived in the package I was super excited! It smells like love heart sweets and I love the colour, however it’s a tad on the sticky side, so I only apply a thin layer. I never use concealer, I never really saw the use of it. As I’m not one to usually get spots to cover. I simply thought it was a product used for that purpose only, I never considered how it can brighten under your eyes and ‘contour’ your nose! Considering I was being treated I thought it was the perfect time to try new things and grab myself one. I am yet to use it but I’m sure I will do a review soon!

I noticed the beautiful eyeliner in the shade ‘Stardust’ in the sale section. I just had to have it, it’s such a beautiful change to the simple black eyeliner, I love the sparkle! I just cannot wait to use it, i swatched it on my hand and the sparkle was so visible, it definitely strikes me as a night out kind of eyeliner! So excited to try it out, i bet it will go perfectly with the ‘Frozen’ eyeshadow.

All of the products in this haul are available on the Makeup Revolution website, head over there and check them out!

Eyeshadow ‘Frozen’ –

Amazing Curl Mascara ‘Black’ –

Lipgloss Tube ‘Hush Hush’ –

Powder Blush ‘Treat’ –

Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer ’02 Fair’ –

Iconic Pro Lipstick ‘Game Of Mystery’ –

Focus & Fix Eye Primer ‘Original’ –

Lipgloss Tube ‘Hey Girl’ –

Amazing Eyeliner ‘Stardust’ –


Love Kays X

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