When this arrived in the post I couldn’t contain my excitement. The long wait of 7 days I had to endure was torture! The Pallette looks so beautiful online I was blown away, and then when it arrived in the post I was even more blown away. The colours in the Pallette are absolutely beautiful, I love how the shades have names, for future reference in Make up looks! The packaging is so beautiful!


The pallege is smaller than I expected it to be, but I love that, because i can take it on the go with me! I also love how you get a little brush with it too! Bonus! The shades are all so so beautiful, I particularly love    Skylight, and golden coins! I am also super impressed with the massive mirror that comes with it! Perfect!

The pigmentation is amazing from the swatches I have done. I absolutely cannot wait to create some looks from this Pallette. Expect lots of make up looks coming soon! I am so excited to try it, such ana amazing price for what you get also. It’s definitely worth the buy! Go ahead and treat yourself!


Love Kays X

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