When I noticed the half price sale advertisement on MakeUp Revolution’s Instagram page, I just had to click the link and check it out. There were some wonderful things available, a few things in particular had caught my eye. I am not one to usually buy individual eye shadows, but I just fell in love when I stumbled across these beautiful shades, so I took advantage of the half price sale and added them to my basket.

After a few days of antispation, they arrived in the post. And low and behold, they are even more beautiful in real life! There are six individual eye shadows in the collection, however 3 of them were out of stock, so I snatched up the three that were available (which were my favourite ones anyway). The shades I bought were Limitless, Astral and Celetial.


Astral is by far my favourite of the collection, the colours are so beautiful and they compliment each other so wonderfully, the eyeshadow itself is so pigmented, and creates such an amazing shade together! It reminds me of almost a piece of the milkyway has been put into an eyeshadow. I absolutely adore it, and best of all? This beauty only cost me 50p!


Limitless is a stunning eyeshadow, the shimmer is so beautiful on the eye and really goes so well with my green/blue eye colour! I imagine this colour would go really nice with any eye colour and any skin tone, it’s beautiful, and again so pigmented. This shade also only cost 50p! BARGAIN!


Celestial is such a beautiful shade! It makes me thing of nature and the shimmer in this shade is also so beautiful on the eye. I love this shade, Im usually one to stick to the neutral shades on the eye but I can’t wait to try this out. This shade was 75p.


I love this collection, I cannot wait for the others to come back into stock because I will definitely be completing my collection. The pigmentation is so good, and I when applying these shades I didn’t get any loose powder falling onto my cheek, which i find is quite common with shimmery eye shadows. You can also apply with a wet brush to achieve an even more intense colour! Even at full price, these babies are an absolute steal! I can’t wait to find an excuse to wear them!

Limitess – http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/out-of-this-world-merged-eyeshadow-collection-limitless.html

Astral – http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/out-of-this-world-merged-eyeshadow-collection-astral.html

Celestial – http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/out-of-this-world-merged-eyeshadow-collection-celestial.html

Love Kays X

One thought on “Out of This World Merged Eyeshadow Collection”

  1. These are gorgeous Kay! I adore the swirls of colour in Makeup Revolution shades. So pretty!

    Looks like we need to go out somewhere now as an excuse to wear them!

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