I’m becoming a big fan of adding juices to my diet lately, they are so good for you and so simple! When looking at all of the ingredients, you could never sit down and eat them all, you would at least struggle if you did! You’re getting all the nutrients from the fruit and vegetables, in one simple drink. PERFECT!

Here is the recipe for my “sunshine juice”

What you will need:
A juicer
A chopping board
A sharp knife
A glass

1 large orange
2 carrots
Cucumber (about 1 inch)
1 Apple
1 slice of lemon

1. Chop all of the ingredients into chunks that will fit nicely into the juicers neck
2. Fill the neck with the ingredients as much as possible, in no particular order
3. Turn on the juicer and juice away
4. Continue until all of the ingredients have been juiced
5. Poor the juice into a glass, over ice if you prefer

I love the flavour that the carrots and orange give together in this drink, it’s still a little tangy from the lemon, I love the colour and it reminds me of a sunny day, which is why I called it sunshine juice! Try it!

Love Kays X

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