Fresh juices have so many health benefits! They are an easy way of adding so many vitamins and antioxidants to your body, so for those who claim they have no time – your excuses are up! Here is a quick simple recipe to a green juice, it’s full of vitamin C, K, B6, E, potassium, manganese and so many others! Such a simple way of getting so much goodness in one little drink!

What you will need:
A juicer
A chopping board
A sharp knife
A glass

2 Apples
Celery Stalk (about an inch)
Cucumber (about an inch)
Ginger (a small chunk)
A slice of lemon
1 carrot
Ice to add at the end if you prefer

1. Chop all of the ingredients into chunks that will fit nicely into the juicers neck
2. Fill the neck with the ingredients as much as possible, in no particular order
3. Turn on the juicer and juice away
4. Continue until all of the ingredients have been juiced
5. Poor the juice into a glass, over ice if you prefer

This recipe is delicious! The kick from the lemon and ginger makes it perfect for a morning drink before heading off to work or studies, it’s great for those with allergies or sinus issues, and you can even make batches and freeze them ready for use whenever you like!

The juicer can be a bit of a pain to clean, but it is worth it for the health benefits you are getting from this drink, give it a go, and see for yourself!

Love Kays X

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