At the beginning of the year, one of my thousands of New Years resolutions was to do more for others & the world around me, in particular, charities! I wanted to give something and to make some sort of a difference in this world. I’ve done a hell of a lot of researching and there are so many things I want to sign up for this year to help raise money and awareness for many charities.

Back in March I did the sugar detox, which meant no sugar for the entirety of March, it was difficult! I paid a fine a few once or twice when I just needed that chocolate bar. But I raised £50 for the British heart foundation. I was quite proud that I did as well as I did, and it’s definitely something I will do again next year (without failing).

Whilst scrolling through the BHF website to find something else I can do, I discovered the ”Marathon in May” event, this requires you to run a marathon… In May…. Surprised? Haha! Anyway, I liked the look of this event because you can run the marathon at any pace you like, as long as you complete the 26.2 miles by the end of May.

So far because I’ve been poorly I’ve only ran a total of 1.1 mile, however there are 31 days in May, and today is the 5th, I have 26 days left. The block around my house is a total of 1.1 miles run, so if I do one of those a day I will hit my goal and more! This challenge also appealed to me because I know how terrible I am at running, I’ve wanted to improve my fitness for a very long time, doing so whilst raising money and awareness for the British a Heart Foundation just seemed like a win win… A perfect opportunity to start now!

It’s going to be a real challenge, but you can help me go the distance this May by sponsoring me. Each donation makes every step I take and every mile I complete count. The BHF’s amazing heart attack researchers need the right tools to save lives; test tubes, flasks, dishes, gloves… and £10 could pay for a Researcher Toolkit that contains everything they use in a day.

It’s really quick and easy to donate using my fundraising page! 26.2 miles is not going to be easy; thanks for making them count.

Love Kays X

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  1. Good luck beautiful! You are doing an amazing thing for an amazing charity! You should be so proud of yourself, I am so proud of you already! <3

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