On the 9th April this year, my life changed. I took a trip to Costa with my boyfriend to meet up with Kieran and his girlfriend Leanne. My boyfriend had been chatting to Kieran, who I actually grew up with! A meet up was suggested and during a chat about designing a new banner for Reeces youtube channel, a friendship blossomed! In the past 22 days this friendship has grown into something I never imagined, I’ve been blessed with the most wonderful two people I have ever met. I spent the morning before the meet up sweating with nerves and practicing in my head what questions to ask so that there would be no awkward silence, I was so worried that I wouldn’t go well and it would be a disaster! But once the drinks were ordered, the conversation became easy and I laughed so much that day! We were there for hours and the time flew by! On the way home I felt relieved that it went well, and from that day onwards, I have not gone a single day without speaking to Leanne. Our chats are essays, and we never run out of things to say!

Are you a fan of friends the TV show? Or Zoellas youtube channel? Ever since discovering the friends TV show, I’ve always envied the bond they have, wondering if a connection like that can happen between friends in real life. And then Zoella met Mark, their vlogs proved to me that a friendship like that really is possible! I would watch their videos and think “I wish I could have a friend I could be that close and open with”, and I honestly think I’ve found them. We have been friends for 22 days now, it feels like I’ve known them for years. It’s such an amazing feeling to feel so comfortable around people.

I remember my primary school days, sitting next to Kieran in class, he was such a quiet little fella, hardly spoke, always got on with his work. I always admired Leanne since she popped up on my suggested friends on Facebook, she was so beautiful on her profile pictures, and seeing pictures of her in Kieran’s uploads would always make me think “what kind of a person is she like?”. Well I can say for sure, I never thought for a second I would have both of them in my living room until midnight, crying with laughter, eating strawberries and chips, getting my dog to like them, taking group photos and witnessing my farts!

Kieran actually helped me create my website (he basically did it for me) and showed me the ropes – how everything works. He is hilarious, with a great sense of humour, such an amazing wonderful man!

Leanne is the sweetest person, such a beautiful human! So kind hearted and genuine, i cannot begin to describe how connected we are, we are practically twins it is crazy! And her laugh is so contagious you will be laughing along for days! It’s amazing how happy people can make you, and how quickly people can change your life. Looking back, it’s crazy to know that these people would become so important to me, in such a short period of time. I already love them both to pieces. The connection we all have as a foursome is just amazing.

I wanted to write this blog post to remind myself of how lucky I feel right now, to have such an amazing bunch of people in my life. It is amazing how much your life can change, in the blink of a eye. I feel so lucky and grateful to have met such incredible people, I hope they stay in my life forever.

I’m going to stop being soppy now, but I want you reading this to think of who are the most important people in your life and why. Tell them why they make you happy, and don’t forget how lucky you are! I am so excited for the future, all of our plans for the summer will give me so many wonderful memories, and certainly lots to blog about! Bring it on!

Love Kays X

One thought on “Appreciation Post”

  1. Kay!! You are so incredibly cute! I love you more than I would have ever imagined that day when I felt the exact same way as you did! The way that we have connected is incredible, we are basically the same person!

    Please don’t ever stop being you, you are incredible and everyone around you can see that! Thank you for everything so far, and thank you for everything to come. I can’t wait! <3

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