I believe that happiness is the most important thing in life, above anything else. I would rather live for a week as the happiest person in the world, than live forever miserably with good health. I would rather have happiness in my life and no money than be rich and lonely. Happiness is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver. We can all get a little down in the dumps now and again, sometimes life gets on top of us, but the key is to get back up again, brush it off, and keep going.

Everyone has a happy place, for some it could be a walk in the sunshine, a good book, it could be something as simple as a cup of coffee in the morning. For me, it is with nature. My happy place is outdoors, anywhere away from man-made things; in a country side, with the fresh smells and the trees blowing in the summer breeze. On the side of a mountain, admiring the astonishing views in every direction. Along side a stream, listening to the beautiful sound of the flowing water. Nature is my happy place, there is just something so peaceful and calming about it that I enjoy, more importantly, when I am with good company, none of these beautiful experiences matter if you cannot share them with someone wonderful.

Life is too short to spend full of stress, sadness and fears, here are just a few things I do to maximise my positivity:




There’s something about telling the special people in your life just how special they are, that makes YOU feel a million times happier. Reminding yourself how grateful you are of having such wonderful people In your life, can ignite the happy sparks inside. So tell that friend, family member or partner just how much you appreciate them.




Food fixes everything, grab yourself a recipe book and bake a cake, or your favourite lunch! Wizz up a fresh fruit smoothie, or even order yourself that pizza you’re craving!




Try something new, go to a new place you’ve never been before, attempt a new hobby or try a new food that you’ve always been afraid of trying. Experiences are memories, and even if you try that uni-cycling experience and fall off, you can look back on the laughs you had that day.



Have fun

Do I really need to explain this one? Just do something you love, go for a walk, book yourself into a Zumba session, go to the park, pretend you’re still young and play on the seesaw! Whack on your favourite tunes and shake that booty away! Do it!


and finally…..




Some studies have shown that forcing yourself to smile when you are sad, is proven to make you feel happier, so go ahead and show those pearly whites, while you still have them.


I hope you find at least one of these tips effective! Let me know which ones you tried, or what you do to make yourself feel more positive! What is your happy place?

Love Kays X

One thought on “The Positivity Post”

  1. That was a nice little read, i enjoyed that and just reading this has brought me a little bit of extra happiness, so thank you!

    I think my happy place is very similar to yours in fact there is nothing better than simply closing your eyes when you are amongst nature and just listening… because when you do the whole world just kinda sings to you… its remarkable…

    Anyway i thought i would leave you this message and say well done on your first post and thanks for the boost of positivity, i really enjoyed it!

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