I was never always a chubby bunny, throughout my childhood and teenage years I was a very slender Kayliegh-Anne. It’s strange to think that back then I was unhappy with my body, tut!

Anyway… after a few years of indulging in too many cream cakes, and spending a little too much time at a desk or in bed, I realise that keeping a size 8 phsyique is not so easy once your teenage metabolism diminishes.

So after popping the button on my work trousers, cracking the seat on the toilet, and the uncountable times my “weight gain” has been noticed by others enough to say something… My ego and the old slender Kayliegh-Anne inside me are both yelling out “do something about it”. Not feeling happy about the way you look is unacceptable, you should love the skin you are in, and that is my mission, to simply be happy with myself.

When you type ‘weight loss’ into Google, you are smashed in the face with the latest trend of potato cleansing diets and fat free (but still loaded with sugar) recipes, there is so much information that it is quite overwhelming. And although an experts opinion on what to do/eat and when, sometimes it can be so much better to connect with real people, who are going through their weight loss journey also. Conversations with those on the same path, can be a lot more comforting than an article in a magazine with a photoshopped skinny mini giving us the “7lbs in 3 days promise” guide consisting of running 10 miles a day and eating only raw garlic cloves.

I wanted to write this post, to remind myself of where I am in my journey right now, not only for me to look back on, but hopefully to help others along their way too. I plan to blog about my journey, whether that be a post about how all I want to do is eat pizza, or any progress I (hopefully) have made.

If you are taking the first step in your journey., well done! You have already done a hell of a lot more than if you were to have demolished that last chocolate bar in the cupboard and stuck the TV on. If you are already on your journey, well done for making it this far! Even if you thought you couldn’t! Keep going.

We are all in it together!

Love Kays X

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