A pamper routine is ALWAYS necessary! Nothing quite beats a little time out for a bit of relaxation, to give us the chance to unwind and forget about the stresses we may have going on. A pamper is so beneficial in many ways, for me, it’s my cure for a bad day!

Here are some pamper tips and tricks I have that I hope can help you relax, ease your stress and forget about the worries going on up in that head of yours!

Pampering products

Bath bomb – I cannot have a good pamper without a bath bomb, if I could choose just one thing to have during a pamper night that helps my troubles fade away, it’s a bath bomb! My current favourite is ‘yoga bomb’ from lush!

Bath salts – sometimes bath salts can be a bit of a hit and miss, some people love them, and others find it just doesn’t do the job. In my opinion, bath salts are a gods send, providing you use the right one! And combine it with the right products, so your mind is relaxed and not flustered with a million different smells in the bathroom.

Hair and face masks – if you are having a particularly bad day, a face and hair mask should bring you back into ship shape in no time! Leaving you feeling fresh and new, soft hair, soft face, what could be better!? You could even go all out and pop a slice of cucumber on each eye, spa day at home!


Candles – Nobody wants to relax in a bubble bath, with the harsh lights beaming in your eyes and that annoying bathroom fan that you can’t turn off because of the condensation. Candles are my saviour! Turn off the lights and give yourself some peace and quiet with the dim flickers of the flames, and the gorgeous scents from the candle. PERFECT!

Reading material – Some love to catch up on celeb gossip in a magazine while they relax in the bath, others read their books… Me? I like to enjoy my soak with something to watch! I perch my iPad up on a stool, in perfect view for when I’m laying down in the bath. And I either put one one of zoellas vlogs, guaranteed to cheer me up! Or I use my iPad to stick on some relaxing music, and simply close my eyes and enjoy the moment!

End your pamper the right way

Once you’ve relaxed in the bath, peeled off your mask and hopefully not eaten those slices of cucumber! Now it’s time to pop on your favourite dressing gown, grab a nail polish, and spruce up those nails! Having freshly painted nails makes you feel so good about yourself, it’s crazy what a little bit of polish can do!

Then pop the kettle on, and sip your cup of tea/hot chocolate/whatever you enjoy, whilst laughing along to a funny film, or catching up on a favourite soap!

Voila! … I hope these little tips can help you wind down and relax, forget the stresses of today, and release those endorphins!

Happy pampering!

Love Kays X

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