This is going to be a long blog, I could babble on about this topic for hours on end, but I will try my best to keep it as short as possible. The initial thought and practice of going vegan can be insanely overwhelming. Many times in the past I have considered giving it a go and even managing a few days of it. But without the information and understanding, it is just not possible.The day I decided I was going to go for it, was April 1st 2016 (so I’m still extremely new at this).

Im lactose intolerant, so dairy is off limits for me anyway, however I would indulge in Dairy free treats such as lactose free cheesy pizza every now and then, and I still have cows milk in my tea everyday, this was until I stumbled across a YouTuber – Kalel, a vegan enthusiast, and a beautiful woman. She made a chatty YouTube video talking about being a vegan, and how you can be too, and wow was I blown away!

I had been having troubles with my digestion for a very long time, being bloated and uncomfortable had become the norm for me. I decided to do some research into what may be the cause and what could help me reduce the amount of times I get asked when my baby is due, 100s of YouTube videos and blogs later I had gained a hell of a lot of knowledge, and lots of the advice I had received through this  research was leaning towards veganism.

I have spent months and months researching into veganism: the healthy benefits, even environmental aspects, but I had never really gone into depth on what happens inside the slaughter houses. During Kalels video, there was a short clip of what happens to some of the animals in slaughter houses, which gave be chills to my very core, I was mind blown and I had absolutely no idea, I have not touched meat since that day. You think you know, or have sort of an idea of what goes on in those places, but trust me, unless you have seen the footage – It is beyond what you could fathom. She recommended a few documentarys: Hungry for change, forks over knives and Cowspiracy. The insight they gave me was just something I could not ignore.

That same day I took a trip with my boyfriend and his family to a farm and I got to experience being up close to some of the animals, half way through the day I walked into the lambing shed, I had the chance to stroke a beautiful 10 day old lamb. And that day, something clicked inside me as I took a bite into my ham and cucumber wrap on the lunch break. I felt guilty, sick, and I just wanted to cry for days. I decided that very moment, that I am going to be vegan.

I then purchased a recommended book titled “80/10/10” written by Dr Douglas N. Graham. It had been mentioned in so many things I had read and watched, so I gave it a go and it is like nothing I have ever read before. It looks at veganism from a biological view, and basically tells us that we are designed to eat fruit, and not meat.

Imagine a dead cow, in a field, guts on show, the smell of its rotting corpse, rough hairy skin, did you salivate? Over the thought of biting into its chunky ass? Munching on the skin and blood? Nope! I don’t know about you, but I felt a little iffy! Now imagine a juicy bright peach, fresh from the tree, perfectly ripe. Did you salivate now? The thought of taking a big bite?

…….It really makes you think doesn’t it?

If that wasn’t enough to make you think, here’s another nerdy fact from the book to help…

A human’s digestive system is around 30 metres in length, and has ridged sides which allows our bodies to extract the nutrients from the food we eat. So you can imagine, putting a steak through our bodies would take a very long time for it to reach… the other side, causing it to ferment in our bodies and for anything we eat after that to be trapped in a digestive traffic jam, causing discomfort and bloating.

However, a carnivores digestive system, is around 12 meters in length, and has smooth walls, which is essential for digesting meat quickly. Humans are the only ‘carnivores’ who have a herbivore’s digestive system.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I plan to do a review once I’ve reached the end, I am captured and inspired beyond description!

I am still experimenting with vegan foods, I haven’t found a milk alternative for my tea that I enjoy yet, but I am determined to discover something! I adore chocolate soya milk, and I’ve developed a new addiction to chopped tomatoes on toast! I’m still a baby in this vegan journey, but I am enjoying it so far, and my passion is growing.

Well done for getting this far into my blog post! I do plan to do a blog once my vegan journey hits the 6 month milestone, discussing the changes to my body, mind and just general life. If you have any questions, just ask! I’ll be sure to answer!

During the time it took me to write this blog (1 hour):

Over 2 million chicks
Over 100,000 ducks
Over 60,000 pigs
Over 14,000 cows

We’re murdered for human consumption.

Check out the YouTube video that changed my life (watch with an open mind) –

Buy the 80/10/10 book here –

Love Kays X

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